Bridge Academy Joins Brightspace Partnership with Maine Colleges

The University of Maine System and Maine Community College System recently contracted with D2L for their learning management system (LMS), known as “Brightspace”. In the past, the two systems used different platforms to administer online course content to students. With both systems now using Brightspace, there will be much more consistency and familiarity for those who take courses at different campuses between the two systems.

Since we are in the business of helping students prepare in their early college pathways, we felt that it would be a great opportunity to contract with D2L ourselves and create Bridge Academy Brightspace accounts for each of our students. Given that all of this occurred during the pandemic, our new platform has allowed us to offer a Virtual Summer Academy to our students and interact with them through their Brightspace accounts. This includes activities that we had planned for the annual in-person Summer Academies, as well as activities that we typically work with students on during the school year, like the World of Work Inventory (WOWI) assessment and Opportunity Ready Badge through Eastern Maine Community College.

In addition to utilizing the Brightspace platform for Bridge Academy purposes, we have also piloted a partnership with UTC (Region 4) in Bangor, so that they can use the platform to develop course content for their CTE programs, with Bridge staff serving as an added resource for UTC administration and instructors, all at a reduced rate compared to the standard contract. For many Bridge Academy students attending UTC, they will have access to their CTE courses and Bridge Academy activities all within one Brightspace account.

This initiative is driven by our belief in CTE and to work with our partners to make our students educational opportunities as accessible to them as possible during these unique and challenging times. We believe that the Bridge Academy Brightspace platform will become a pillar of our program and helpful resource for our students and partners moving forward.

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