What does Future Ready mean in Education?

Building a Future-Ready Workforce in the post-Covid world

What does the post-Covid workplace look like? How have things in the workplace and education shifted? What skills are ‘essential’ on the horizon for today’s students to find gainful employment or business ownership? They are all important questions as we move out of the Covid pandemic?

With so many schools in triage mode related to the pandemic, these are very tough questions.

Check this article called ‘This is how we build a future-ready workforce for the post-Covid world’  by Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector and Industries, Amazon Web Services.

The study showed that in the US alone, 33 million low-income Americans could transition into new, emerging jobs if provided with the right skills training.

We’re ready to help schools meet these challenges ahead. Bridge Academy Maine is State funded and free to participating schools. We help schools build resources, partnerships and internships. We offer assistance or turn-key services for comprehensive aptitude testing. We offer programs to help students build critical skills, acclimate to college and navigate dual-enrollment opportunities in the State. We strive to help you open doors for kids to high-wage, high-demand jobs and careers.

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