Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Bridge Academy Cost?

The current (2019-20) college credit hour cost for a Bridge Academy student ranges from $0 to $ 40 per credit which is a significant discount from the usual UMS and MCCS rates. There is no cost for the concurrently earned high school credit. Most college courses are 3 credits, with an additional credit earned if the course involves a science lab (total of 4 credits).

How Many College Credits Can I Earn?
Are These Credits Transferable?

Bridge Academy students have the opportunity to complete up to 24 college credits (depending on your motivation and high school’s capability). The student must receive a grade of a C or better in some courses to obtain UMS or MCCS credit. Additional college credit may be earned through the student’s program at his/her CTE.

Because these college credits are awarded by UMS or MCCS campuses, they are part of the transfer of credit agreements among the campuses of both UMS and MCCS. In addition, since UMS and MCCS campuses are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, these course credits are often accepted by other colleges and universities. Each situation will be different for specific schools and, of course, specific programs. Check with colleges you are thinking about and ask. You are expected to research different colleges and programs and determine how many Bridge Academy courses would transfer.

Are These Credits Useful?

Just because a college credit is transferable, is does not always mean it is useful. The courses selected for Bridge Academy students tend to be the most common courses required for college majors. In some specialty college programs, one or two of these courses may not be required, but might be used to satisfy elective requirements. In other instances, a college may have specific reasons that require a student to takes its version of the course. Students need to check with the colleges to which they wish to apply, to determine which credits may transfer, which credits fulfill program or elective requirements, and whether there other dual enrollment courses offered that might advance a student’s standing.

What Degree Will I Earn?

This is up to you and where you choose to continue your education. You may, for instance, choose to pursue an Associate’s Degree at EMCC, SMCC, NMCC or another community college, or pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at UMaine, UMA, USM, UMFK or elsewhere with your earned college credits. Please request a transcript analysis from colleges before you make an enrollment commitment in order to learn which Bridge Academy courses will be accepted into various programs.

How Long Does the Program Take?

Dual college enrollments will occur only for Bridge Academy students during their high school junior and senior years as well as during the summers between sophomore and junior, and junior and senior years.

Where Will I go to School?

Most academic courses will be offered at your high school, technical classes at your CTE and some classes and summer activities will be held on the campuses of UMS and MCCS. For additional courses, you may attend another campus or take a college course online.

What Academic and Other Qualifications Will I Need to Apply Successfully?

A student wishing to join the Bridge Academy Program will need to complete the admissions packet and be in good standing with their high school. The Bridge Academy Admission Committee will carefully review each applicant in regard to his/her potential for success and if she/he is a good fit for the program.

What Will My College Student Status Be?

Students accepted into the Bridge Academy Program may receive some of the privileges of an UMS and/or MCCS student which include: an identification card(s), e-mail address (es), use of library resources, tutoring services, writing center and some recreational resources.

Additionally, students who successfully complete the Bridge Academy Program may also be offered simplified admissions at University of Maine System universities and Maine Community College System colleges.

Who is Responsible for Purchasing Textbooks and Other Materials?

Each high school and CTE handles this question differently; however, in many instances the student is responsible for this cost. We continue to work with university and college faculty to minimize the costs for Bridge Academy high schools and students. However, some courses may require a latest edition new text or on-line access code costing upwards of $125.00 for each text/code and those costs may be the responsibility of each student.

What CTE schools currently participate in the Bridge Academy?
Check back soon to see other partners as we add them.


These are the CTE schools that currently partner with Bridge Academy Maine:


United Technologies Center: 200 Hogan Road Bangor, ME 04401 207.942.5296
Region Two School of Applied Technology P.O. Box 307 Houlton, ME 04730 (207) 532-9541
Region 9 School of Applied Technology 377 River Road Mexico, ME 04257 (207) 364-3764
Lewiston Regional Technical Center 156 East Avenue Lewiston, ME 04240 (207)795-4144
Hancock County Technical Center 112 Boggy Brook Rd Ellsworth, ME 04605 Phone: (207) 667-9729 Fax: (207) 667-7138
Foster Career and Technical Education Center 129 Seamon Road Farmington, ME 04938 (207) 778-3562
Tri-County Technical Center 14 Abbott Hill Road Dexter, Maine 04930
Are Scholarships Available ?

Maine Department of Labor administers the Competitive Skills Scholarship. Income verified.