Bridge Academy Admissions Process / Entry Requirements

If you are a high school student or a parent, the first thing you have to do is check to see if your high school is a partner with your local CTE and the Bridge Academy. The admission process seeks to understand whether the Bridge Academy Program is a good fit for a student’s goals, talents and desires. The admissions process is as follows:

Presentations concerning the program may be delivered at your school in multiple ways by guidance and others.

Application packets will be provided to interested students by their high school Bridge Academy advisor in the guidance office by the date set by your school. (Please check with your Advisor)

Entry Requirements Are:

A completed Application submitted to your high school Bridge Program advisor by the deadline established by your high school.

At least one recommendation on the designated form from a teacher, guidance counselor or a school administrator.

Admissions Committee members’ confidence that the applicant (1) will be well-matched to the program’s workload requirements,(2) will demonstrate great attendance and dedication and (3) will have scheduling availability and access to transportation.

The Admissions and Academic Affairs Committee may be compromised of:

High School Guidance, Faculty and Administration

Bridge Academy personnel

Other individuals selected by the CTE/High School

** Please Note **
Students accepted into the Bridge Academy Program may receive privileges of UMS and/or MCCS students which may include: identification card(s), e-mail address, use of library and academic support resources, and the use of some recreational resources. Additionally, students who successfully complete the Bridge Academy Program will likely be solid candidates when applying to the colleges and universities of the University of Maine System, the Maine Community College System and/or to other colleges.