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Beginning October 6th, 2023, every Maine student age 13 years and older and Maine teachers can sign up for a free account at Tallo!

Updated as you go through your academic career, this helps you explore your interests, scholarships, internships and jobs with Maine employers, colleges & universities.

You are a student who…

  • wants to explore your interests while in high school.
  • wants to earn college credit in high school.
  • is curious about dual-enrollment credit, the opportunity to earn credit for your high school class and college credit at the same time.
  • wants hands on experience in your academic work.
  • likes the idea of earning professional certifications and studying with professional mentors in high school.

Maine CTE Education can help you achieve these goals.

Enroll in a Career Technical Center Program

BridgeAcademyMaine is a mentorship program to help you and your school connect you with resources, mentors, internships, and so much more.

Help your school partner with Bridge Academy Maine!

Read about Devin Grindle’s – Hancock County Technical Center – Law Enforcement Program BridgeAcademy Experience

We’ve Got You. BridgeAcademy is a Comprehensive and Free Mentorship Program

We help you and your school find answers and opportunities for your goals

You can graduate with up to 24 college credits, a high school diploma and professional trade certifications

You can earn an Associates degree in 12 months or less after high school graduation

Save money! Earn your bachelor’s degree in 3 years or less after high school graduation

We help create Employer Mentorship Programs: Walk a direct pathway to a guaranteed job

Build skills for any pathway while exploring what you love

Connections, connections. Make valuable connections that can open new doors for you

A Few Student Testimonials

“Because of the Bridge Program I was able to get my degree in 3 years and reach my dream, teaching in my hometown elementary school at the age of 21.”
Lauren Ouellette
CTE Program: Business
Desired Career: Teacher
College: Accepted into Husson, completed Bachelor’s Degree in 3 years
Current: Kindergarten teacher at Hermon Elementary School

“This program showed me what to expect on a college level. I was also able to save money in general education classes for my major.”
Amber Chasse
CTE Program: Business
Desired Career: Pharmacy
College: Accepted to Husson
Current: Attending Pharmacy School at Husson, working for community pharmacy

“There are several benefits to the Bridge Academy program. Not only do you get college credits at a reduced cost, but also college work experience. Most of the college credits earned through Bridge Academy are easily transferred to other colleges. Bridge Academy also opens up other opportunities like college tours and visits over the summer as well as meeting Maine employers in different fields. I would highly recommend any incoming student to check out the Bridge Academy program, especially if they are planning on staying in-state for college.”

David Williams
CTE Program: Electrical
Lewiston Regional Technical Center ‘21
Lewiston High School

“I would highly recommend Bridge Academy to other students! As a member, I have come to the realization that programs like Bridge are extremely helpful when preparing for college and after high school plans. I would recommend Bridge Academy to other students because it provides an opportunity for scholarships that not many people have access to. It also introduces students to courses that would benefit their career path.”

Hannah Foster
CTE Program: Culinary Arts
Region Two School of Applied Technology ‘21
Houlton High School

“Coming into Bridge, I had hoped to learn to manage time for school work better and be a more efficient learner and student. I knew I had good grades but I still didn’t try enough in school. Going into my senior year, I can firmly say that I have learned everything and more… I think it is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced into a gateway of new skills, things that we don’t learn in the common, everyday high school schedule. Bridge certainly prepares us how to be a successful student in college and even a respected and independent worker.”

Lillian Philbrook
CTE Program: Biomedical
Hancock County Technical Center ‘21
Ellsworth High School

“Bridge was instrumental in getting me to where I am in my life right now. If it was not for Bridge I would not have gotten into the medical radiography program straight out of high school. By taking general education courses in high school it allowed me to go right into my program on the two year track. After graduating my program I was able to get a job straight out of school. I then worked for 10 months before I was able to go back to school online for cardiac sonography which would not have been possible without my credits from Bridge. Bridge helped me to get 2 associate degrees in 3 years.”
Kayla McLeish
CTE Program: CNA
Desired Career: Radiologist
College: EMCC
Current: Cardiac Sonographer

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