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Are you a Maine School Leader or Guidance Counselor?

Have ‘initiative overload’ or are you struggling to ‘keep up’ at your school? Don’t worry. We are a State funded mentorship program that partners with Maine High Schools, Career Technical Education Centers, Colleges and employers to build resources and pathways that help students explore their passions and build fulfilling careers. 

We have a proven mentorship program and extensive resources in place to help you supplement your existing efforts or build them from scratch.

“Each year I am amazed at the Bridge Students’ ease into transitioning from high school to college. They are ready to complete the FAFSA, apply to colleges, and scholarships with a clear direction and tons of confidence.”

Mary Redmond Luce
Student Services Coordinator – Foster Career and Technical Education Center

“Bridge Academy offers LRTC students an unmatched opportunity to challenge themselves in career pathway of their choosing. Also, the unique cohort model allows students the chance to support one another and interact meaningfully with their faculty members. Bridge Academy provides our students an affordable and supportive way to get a head start on their career goals.”

Rob Callahan
Director – Lewiston Regional Technical Center



Nationally, 28% of students drop out before they even become a sophomore in college stranding credits and incurring student debt that saddles a student for years.


The top two reasons for dropping out according to an article “23 College Dropout Statistics That Will Surprise You” By Kim P, are:


  • Money and
  • having to take remedial courses.

“According to a study conducted by Public Agenda, the number one reason for leaving college is money. It’s not high tuition bills, though. Many students work while going to school. They find it too difficult to balance both responsibilities. In fact, only 31% of those citing money as their reason for dropping out did so because of high tuition rates. 54% said they dropped out because they couldn’t balance work and school.” Bridge Academy students complete college with drastically reduced student debt without having to take remedial courses, and with scholarships available for income qualified students.

carpentry student working

Check out Devin Grindle’s letter about his Bridge Academy experience from – Hancock County Technical Center – Law Enforcement program

    • Proven Track Record


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  • “Bridge Academy is a programmatic approach. Their mentorship program creates a pathway for students. The students in this program, of all aptitudes, have been immensely successful.”

Dr. Amy Hubbard – University of Maine System, Executive Director of Early College

Let’s start a conversation and see how the Bridge Academy Maine mentorship program can help.

A Few Student Testimonials

“Because of the Bridge Program I was able to get my degree in 3 years and reach my dream, teaching in my hometown elementary school at the age of 21.”
Lauren Ouellette
CTE Program: Business
Desired Career: Teacher
College: Accepted into Husson, completed Bachelor’s Degree in 3 years
Current: Kindergarten teacher at Hermon Elementary School

“This program showed me what to expect on a college level. I was also able to save money in general education classes for my major.”
Amber Chasse
CTE Program: Business
Desired Career: Pharmacy
College: Accepted to Husson
Current: Attending Pharmacy School at Husson, working for community pharmacy

“The Bridge Program provided me with the tools I needed to be successful in college. I now work full time in an urgent care facility and have my Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Studies. I plan to start my Masters in public health next year. This was all possible because of the education I received in The Bridge Program.”
Taylor Smith

“The Bridge Program helped a lot because it got me ready for college and showed me what to expect. It also gave me the opportunity to start Husson as a freshman already having knocked out at least 6 classes I don’t have to take now because of the Bridge Program. This program has also given me opportunities as I have college classes under my belt, which the Air Force likes to see, and that has given me more benefits and job offers, all thanks to Bridge.”
Gabby Chasse

“The Bridge Program benefitted me in many ways. I was able to get many of my general education classes out of the way while still in high school. I also was able to save money by taking the same courses for less than half of what they would cost at the university. I am now going to graduate a semester early! I would have been able to graduate a full year early, but I have decided to take an extra semester and study abroad!”
Amber Burris

“Bridge was instrumental in getting me to where I am in my life right now. If it was not for Bridge I would not have gotten into the medical radiography program straight out of high school. By taking general education courses in high school it allowed me to go right into my program on the two year track. After graduating my program I was able to get a job straight out of school. I then worked for 10 months before I was able to go back to school online for cardiac sonography which would not have been possible without my credits from Bridge. Bridge helped me to get 2 associate degrees in 3 years.”
Kayla McLeish
CTE Program: CNA
Desired Career: Radiologist
College: EMCC
Current: Cardiac Sonographer