Summer Academies

Summer Academy Overview

Bridge Academy students are expected to attend two Summer Academies. One is during the summer between the student’s sophomore and junior years, which is intended to introduce students to the Bridge Academy Program. The second is during the summer between the student’s junior and senior year and focuses on college selection and post-high school graduation. There is no cost to the student for attending either of these Academies.



The first Summer Academy is a three-day intensive experience designed as an orientation and cohort-building experience for the students entering the Bridge Academy. Specific goals and activities for the Rising Junior Academy include:

Career exploration experiences

  • Assessment and discussion of your professional goals
  • Targeted business visitations and participatory activities.
  • Business leaders and student round table.

Cohort building

  • Team building exercises and assessments.
  • UM low ropes course.

Introduction to several campuses of UMS and MCCS.

  • Students will reside for two nights at EMCC.
  • Students will spend one day at UMaine in highly participatory activities at its low ropes course, career center and in creative and teamwork activities

Evening Activities Include:
Escape room

Miniature golf, batting cages and go carts.




The second academy is a two-day, one-night experience during which students will visit several MCCS and UMS campuses, not only to learn about the opportunities offered by the visited institutions, but also to learn about ways to evaluate college programs, value and fit.

EMCC Campus Aerial View

Summer Academy Check List

Cost of the program:

The total cost for both Summer Academies is paid for by the participating organizations as part of the Bridge Academy. There is no cost to students.

Provided to participants:
An orientation to the Bridge Academy Program.

A double occupancy room.

Meals on college campuses and at local restaurants

Full day and evening activities.

Participants need to bring:
A great positive attitude.

Towels, pillow, sheets, blanket, toiletries, small backpack.

Two pairs of comfortable sneakers.

Appropriate clothes:

  • At least two sets of active outdoor clothes, sneakers, shorts, tee shirts, light rain jacket, hat (at times we will be doing a number of outdoor activities).
  • One set of “business casual”, such as khakis and polo type shirts for men and skirts/slacks and blouses for women for employer visits.
  • Extra shorts and/or pants and tee shirts for evening activities.

Completed permission forms for various activities. (See Advisor)

Participants may want to also bring:
Minor purchase spending money

Music player

Laptop or tablet

Cell phone