Why CTE?

CTE? Really?

CTE has changed. Cutting edge equipment. Industry professionals as trainers and mentors. Earn college credit in high school. Explore a wide variety of disciplines. CTE has evolved far beyond the perception of ‘basic shop class’ or ‘Voc. Tech.’

Ok, what is CTE Center?

High school students choose to enroll in Career and Technical Education programs because of the incredible opportunities they provide. Students learn about and use cutting edge equipment and technologies with professional mentor teachers who are deeply connected into their industry. CTE programs prepare students for college and a wide range of high-wage and high-demand careers.


Maine has 27 Career and Technical Centers available to high school students that also offer adult education courses. They are free to attend, included as part of your high school education.

But, what if I don’t know what I want to study?

Careers may change but skill building carries on throughout life. In every CTE program you forge incredible industry connections while also building valuable skills and credentials that transfer into any career or hobby.

Do I have to leave my high school to attend a CTE program?

No, you don’t have to leave your high school to enroll in a CTE program. CTE centers offer half or full-day programs on certain days per week, so you can attend both schools. Your CTE schedule will allow you to participate in your high school courses, and all high school extra-curricular programs.

What about all the credits I need to earn in high school? How can I fit in CTE?

Many Technical Centers offer embedded credits that apply to your high school courses. That means, when you take a CTE course, the credits earned through that course cover high school requirements.

Earn Professional Certifications In High School

CTE programs offer students the chance to earn professional certifications in their area of study while still in high school. Through that exploration, students are building trade skills, learning valuable professional skills and making community connections.

What is ‘Dual-Enrollment College Credit?’

Maine students who take ‘dual-enrollment’ credits earn high school credit and college credit at the same time, for the same course. Yes, it’s two for one deal!


These credits are available at significantly reduced cost and most often at no cost whatsoever thanks to incredible grant opportunities in Maine.


Dual-enrollment is a chance to ‘try out’ college courses before enrolling. The difference in dual-enrollment courses is students have access to extensive mentorship during the process.


Many students often earn 18-24 college credits in this program. Some have even earned full associates degrees, two-years worth of college credit, before graduating from high school.


Students who earn dual-enrollment college credits are jumping ahead of their peers.

Hands-On. Immersive. With mentors and peers who share your interest.

Students learn by doing in CTE programs. They develop and work through projects while gathering related theoretical understanding and academic skills along the way. They come to see the skills that they are developing as critical to the success of their endeavors, so investment in learning is significantly increased. Modern technical education also places a great emphasis on the acquisition of ‘transferable skills,’ as students often go on to a great variety of continuing education and career experiences.


We have a list of all Maine Career and Technical Education centers below, their location and their programs. Go exploring. You never know where it might lead or what doors it may open.

The CTE Difference

Career and Technical Centers in Maine open pathways to high-paying and high-demand jobs.

Our current partners in Maine CTE and High Schools

Lewiston, ME
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Student Services Coordinator
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Farmington, ME
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Student Services Coordinator
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Houlton, ME
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Program Coordinator
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Bangor, ME
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Student Services Coordinator
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Ellsworth, ME
Hope High
Student Services Coordinator
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Presque Isle, ME
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Drafting/Engineering Instructor
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Columbia, ME
Nancy Bailey
Administrative Assistant
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Our current partners in Maine Higher Education

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